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The Réseau de développement social de Brome-Missisquoi (RDSBM) is a governance structure that our community has set up to improve communications and the coordination of actions between the consultations in our territory. In addition, the RDSBM wants to unite the living forces of the territory around major priorities carried by the majority of actors.

The origin of the approach arises with the findings of work in silos and the need to improve communications and linkages of actions between consultations. In August 2018, the working committee began its process and is made up of 19 representatives from the community. 2 consultations meetings were held bringing together more than 70 organizations. On April 11, 2019, the assembly agrees to start experimenting with the proposed model. All of the players in our community are brought together in these two approaches.


The RDSBM is made up of several issue tables which are, as can be seen under the Issue tables tab, classified as follows:


- Community development tables;

- Issue table by population;

- Municipal sector committees;

- Thematic tables. 

Priorities for action
By age groups


  • Working collectively for the overall development of children

  • Improve local support and accompaniment for vulnerable families throughout the territory of the MRC



  • Improving supervision and support for young people

  • Prevent anxiety problems in young people


  • Increase the number of quality, affordable, adapted and healthy housing units in the MRC

  • Improve local support and accompaniment for vulnerable populations


  • Prevent loss of autonomy

  • Increase the level of quality home care and services (maintenance)

By territorial pole
  • Promote the proximity approach in the development of local social capital


  • Improve local services for our populations in the communities of Bedford and region


  • Promote access to local services in the territory of Farnham


  • Work on creating a community center


  • Improve communication/promotion on existing services and activities for the population of the pole (including   public transport), in both languages and in simple language


  • Establishing itself as a center for consultation and promoting a local approach



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