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- Lead the implementation of the model;

- Make recommendations to the tables and to the health committee;

- Identify the issues;

- Validate the objectives of the Grand Assembly;

- Set up the work plan of the model;

- Help to the achievement of the evaluation of the model and the implementation plans;

- Explore communication tools.


- Making decision on the operation of the model and the issues in Brome-Missisquoi;

- Link with the health committee (presentation of cross-cutting issues);

- Link with the support committee (accompaniment of spokespersons and tables);

- Frequency: 4 times a year.


- Make the link between the table and the spokespersons' committee issues discussed, state the reality of the people on the tables);

- Represent their table positions when required.


- Sharing informations of the tables;

- Monitoring of implementation plans;

- Progress of the deployment of the model;

- News and discussions (funding announcement, new issues);

- Analysis of the issues.

Agendas and minutes

November 4, 2021

Program - Report

March 23, 2022

Program - Report

June 15, 2022

Program - Report

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